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You didn't stumble upon this article by accident; fate led you here. You've most likely been looking for a form maker that works with Google spreadsheets and is also free. Who has the time to create a form from the ground up when you could just utilize an addon?

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“What forms are they talking about?” you might question. So, have you been entrusted with the task of conducting a survey? Perhaps as a student or a boss? You're working on a project, possibly a social experiment, and you'd like to conduct a survey to assess how well your products are performing in the market.Then you'd best keep reading.

So, What are we talking about?

Kulfi Forms is a Google spreadsheet addon that allows you to create online questionnaires and custom forms for free! Kulfi Forms works on all devices, has hundreds of templates, and allows you to generate documents and even send them as emails, all with just a few clicks.

Kulfi Forms and how it works.

Sounds like a tool that will be useful for you, right? 

Well, in this article, we will show you how to install Kulfi Forms, how to generate documents, how to use the hundreds of templates, and how to send your questionnaire straight as an email.

Are you following us? Well then, let's get to it!

how To Install Kulfi Forms

Install Kulfi Forms

Get started by installing Kulfi Forms!

how To use Kulfi Forms Google Spreadsheet Addon

Like we mentioned earlier, Kulfi Forms Google spreadsheet addon is very easy to use. It requires no domain or hosting, you simply work using your Google account.

To create a form from spreadsheet, all you need to do is:

Open a new sheet.

Go to spreadsheet > Open new sheet > Rename it > Click addons > Kulfi Forms > Load templates

Load form templates

Soon as the templates loads, you should see all the different templates available. You can scroll through the templates to select the one you would prefer. You can preview the templates while deciding which template you'd like to use.

Once you have decided on which template to use, you can then,

Select > Load selected template > Get link > Paste

Once copied, you can then paste it and send to whoever you need responses from. It's that easy!

Elements Of Kulfi Forms

There are four elements that can be used after selecting any templates, they are as follows:

  • Settings – in the settings, you can add or change the form display, change the background colors, the form title, add your logo, and many other settings.
  • Questions – there are default questions found in the form templates, but you can definitely change the questions to exactly what you want.
  • Responses – here you will find the answers to the questions asked. Your responses are stored in this section.
  • Dashboard – this is where you will see an overview of both the questions and answers.

Examples Of Forms You Can Create With Kulfi Forms Google Spreadsheet Addon

Kulfi Forms contains hundreds of templates that are available for free. It doesn't matter what template you're looking for, be it, for that survey, questionnaire, political awareness form, social experiment form, volunteer forms, etc, you will find it on Kulfi Forms. For insight, let us show you how you can create a survey forms with Kulfi Forms survey templates.

How to create survey forms

The first step is to create a new sheet, as is always the case. It should be renamed. After that, you select Kulfi Forms as your addon. A menu will display with the option to load templates. Allow a few seconds for the forms to load after clicking that. Keep in mind that we're seeking for a survey form. It appears that you won't be able to search through the forms one by one for your preferences. What you do is use the search option and type in the type of template you're looking for. Simply typing “survey” in the search box will narrow down your results to the various survey templates.

choose a template.

You can then proceed to load a template you have selected. However, if there is anything you don't like on the template, for example, the background color or font sizes, then you can change it in the forms settings.

Forms settings.

You'll have a survey template that you can alter to your liking. It may then be forwarded to anybody you want by simply copying and pasting the link.

Features and Settings Of Kulfi Forms Google Spreadsheet Addon

There are various features in this addon that allow you to customize the font, size, color, etc., of the HTML form from a Google spreadsheet. We will briefly discuss the modes of these settings and how to use them. They are as follows:

Change background color

Find the settings on the base of the screen while on the spreadsheet's screen. The settings are the first of the four elements of Kulfi Forms. Once you have found the settings, you will find the option to change the background color to whatever color you prefer, then you hit the refresh button. That's all! You will find that the background color has been changed. It is pretty basic, you can't miss it.

Keep in mind that you must have opened a new sheet for the preferred form template.

Change the form title

On the same spreadsheet, you will find an option to change the font size. Perhaps you don't seem to like the size of the form title; it looks like it's too big for you or too small. You can simply choose from the various form sizes available for use. The changes will be implemented as soon as you refresh the page.

You can also add your logo. This you can do by uploading your logo to Google Drive and simply pasting the link. Your logo will be added after a refresh.

Change the form column from one to two

If you want to change the column from one to two, you can also do that. Find “change column” and from there you will be able to change the column from one to two. Once effected, the first column on the left will contain the questions while the answers will be displayed on the right side.

Text alignment(questions)

This is simply changing your text alignment from left to right and vice versa.

Change text color and size (questions)

You can also change the text color to whatever color that goes well with you. If you also don't like the text size, you can as well change it to your preference.

Customize error/processing messages

This setting helps you setup questions that require answers. So that when a person leaves it unanswered, the form won't process or will display an error message indicating that an answer is required for a certain question. Remember, you have to refresh the page for the changes to take effect.

How to add questions to your form

To add questions to your form, seek the questions' element of the forms which is just after the settings' element. Here you will find how to add questions. The drop-down feature is particularly cool as it allows easy assessment, especially when there is an option such as “please select country”. This feature requires no tools to manually add the countries. All the countries will be made available in the drop-down. Back to the form itself, after you must have refreshed the page. The drop-down feature which allows you to select a country also works by filtering the country as you type, so that you don't have to scroll all the way down looking for the country you need to select. The drop-down feature is dynamic as it changes depending on what the options are on the sheet.

Questions about custom validation and custom error messages

The text field allows you to add custom validation and custom error messages. Validation in the sense that it allows you to set a required format of entry and declines an answer with an error display message if the required format is not followed in the form. You can choose which error message it displays. All of these can be added in the text field. You can add custom validation for emails, phone numbers, and numbers.

Text box

This is for when you want your audience to write something in details. You can give your users a bigger text area.

Check boxes

Check boxes are used when you have multiple options.

The radio and date buttons

Date allows you to input date numbers, e.g., the date of submission or when the form was filled in.

Allow users to upload files of a custom type

This is to allow users to upload files, which could be audio files, image files, or doc files. If you leave it blank, then users can upload any kind of files.

Recognize electronic signatures

This allows users to leave e-signatures which can then be stored on your Google drive.

Conditional questions

This allows for certain options only if a particular option is chosen during the course of the form. You can add as many conditions as you want to some or every question.

Incorporate any rich HTML into the form

This option is for when you need to embed maps, videos, etc. For example, if you want to embed an address, you can simply visit the Google Maps website, search for your location, copy the HTML and paste it into the sheet space. It will then automatically show on your form after refreshing. You can embed any rich HTML form.

Preview form responses and dashboard

There is an option to preview form responses. The responses are represented in a pie chart. This groups the responses for easy data collection.

Where are the user uploaded files stored?

The user uploaded files can be stored by selecting where you would like them to be stored. If the space is left blank, then they will be stored in the same folder as the spreadsheet. But you can create a folder where you would want them to be stored and then select it in the option by copying and pasting the folder ID.You can also select a different folder for the signatures to be stored. You wouldn't want them all clustered up in one folder.

Generate a document from a form submission (pdf/word)

You can generate documents such as pdfs or word documents from the form submission. You simply select “yes” to generate the document. Create a new folder where you need the document saved, copy the folder ID, and paste it into the space provider. Creating a document is achieved by choosing what doc template or pdf template to use from Google docs. What you then do is adjust the columns on the new document, copy the doc ID or link, and paste it into the space provided.Also, you have to include an e-signature with the generated document. This is to recognize or identify the person who might have made the signature. You have to also save the file name for the generated document. These are basically very simple to perform.  


One of the best features of Kulfi Forms is that you can use the same extension to choose templates, build forms, send them directly from your Google email, and view your results. Wondering why we're constantly reiterating the fact that it is completely free to use? That's because there aren't many addons with such fantastic functionality that are free to use.

For a more comprehensive guide on how to use Kulfi Forms, watch this video.

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