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Generate Document & Send Emails After Submission

“Kulfi Forms” is a google Spreadsheet addon, that allows you to generate Custom HTML Form from Google Spreadsheet and merge submitted responses to PDF/Word & send customized emails.

A Google Spreadsheet Addon

Custom HTML Form from Google Spreadsheet to PDF & email.

100's of Templates

Have a form in mind? Chances are, we have it built, and ready for you to use, with a click of a button!

Generate Documents

Choose to merge form responses with document templates. Customize the filename, location, kind of file generated, etc.

Send Emails.

Choose to send instant email response to you, your team member or respondents, as soon as a form is submitted.

Customize Form from Spreadsheet

Customize color, size, alignment, 1 or 2 column display, logo, header, sub-header, button color, and almost every other element of the form, from the already familiar Google Spreadsheet!

Your Questions, Your rules.

  • E-mail validation
  • Phone-number validation
  • Checkboxes, Radio buttons, Textarea.
  • Custom Validation using Regex, and Custom Error Message.

Accept eSignatures

Allow users to sign the form.

File Upload

Allow users to upload Files, without logging in.

Accept any kind of file, or specify which kind is allowed: audio, image, video, pdf, word, etc.

Searchable Dropdown

Start typing, and the dropdown shows only matching options.

Very helpful, when a lot of options to choose from. Example, Country dropdown.

Custom HTML

Embed Google Maps, video, images, or any other element, using Rich HTML.

Auto-Filter options.

Dynamic dropdown / checkboxes / radio buttons, that populate options from Google Sheet, i.e. the dropdown options on the Web Form changes, with options on the sheet.


A Dashboard with Charts, is included with most form templates.

Customize Messages

Customize (the text, color, size, styling, etc.), of the (error/success) messages, and even choose to display a blank form or your own custom HTML, after form submission.

Conditional questions

Show a question, or a group of questions, only when the answer to a previous question, is the required one.

Excellent support

Built-in “Contact us” button in the addon to support problem resolution and feature enhancement requests, a breeze.

That's Not all!

We, at Kulfi Software Services, are working round the clock, to add more form templates, and really cool features!

Watch form demo here:

How does it Work ?

Install addon

Step 1: Install the addon on a Google Spreadsheet.

Preview & Import form

Step 2: Preview & Import from hundreds of form samples, or create your own, from scratch.

Get link

Step 3: Click “Get Link” to get the link of your form, completely synced to your spreadsheet.

Choose the perfect plan


per form per month billed annually

Save To Spreadsheet


per form per month billed annually

Allow File Uploads


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Send Emails


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Generate Documents

Try "Kulfi forms" Today!

“Kulfi Forms” really is an excellent spreadsheet addon, if you are looking to create custom forms, without the need of any domain, hosting, or technical knowledge.