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Create Unlimited Forms From Google Spreadsheet!

Simply add questions to Google Spreadsheet, and have our addon generate a form for you.

Over 1000 Templates

Have a form in mind? Chances are, we have it built, and ready for you to use, with a click of a button!

Generate Documents

Choose to merge form responses with document templates. Customize the filename, location, kind of file generated, etc.

Send Emails

Choose to send instant email response to you, your team member or respondents, as soon as a form is submitted.

Get Started!

This online form builder using Google spreadsheet addon is way cooler than you may think. 

Kulfi Forms gives you the power to do more!

Easy for you to create! Easier for your respondents to fill the form.

Brand Your Form

Customize color, size, alignment, 1 or 2 column display, logo, header, sub-header, button color, and almost every other element of the form, from the already familiar Google Spreadsheet!

Custom Data Validation

  • E-mail validation
  • Phone-number validation
  • Checkboxes, Radio buttons, Textarea.
  • Custom Validation using Regex, and Custom Error Message.

Accept eSignatures

Allow users to sign the form.

Conditional questions

Show a question, or a group of questions, only when the answer to a previous question, is the required one.

File Upload

Allow users to upload Files, without logging in.

Accept any kind of file, or specify which kind is allowed: audio, image, video, pdf, word, etc.

Searchable Dropdown

Start typing, and the dropdown shows only matching options.

Very helpful, when a lot of options to choose from. Example: Country dropdown.

Embed Anything

Embed Google Maps, video, images, or any other element, using Rich HTML.


A Dashboard with Charts, is included with most form templates.

Customize Messages

Customize (the text, color, size, styling, etc.), of the (error/success) messages, and even choose to display a blank form or your own custom HTML, after form submission.

Auto-Filter options.

Dynamic dropdown / checkboxes / radio buttons, that populate options from Google Sheet, i.e. the dropdown options on the Web Form changes, with any change on the sheet.

Excellent support

Built-in “Contact us” button in the addon to support problem resolution and feature enhancement requests, a breeze.

That's Not all!

We, at Kulfi Software Services, are working round the clock, to add more form templates, and really cool features!

Install Now!

introducing to you the best online form builder with every form templates you may need.

How Does It work?

Install the Addon

Preview & Import from hundreds of form samples, or create your own, from scratch.

Preview & Import form Template

You (the form manager) can customize the Font, color, size, etc. of the HTML form, from Google Spreadsheet. You can add questions to Google sheet, and they will automatically be populated in the web form. Once your users submit, the form, based on your settings, the responses can be recorded in a Google spreadsheet, or merged with a PDF/Word document. You can also customize the email to be sent, and choose to include the generated documents as an attachment to the email.

Customize Your form

Love what you See?

"Kulfi Forms" really is an excellent spreadsheet addon, if you are looking to create custom forms, without the need of any domain, hosting, or technical knowledge.

Very Reasonable Rates

Save To Spreadsheet

Allow File Uploads


per form per month billed annually

Send Emails


per form per month billed annually

Generate Documents


per form per month billed annually

Frequently Asked Questions

In the same spreadsheet, where you created the form, you will find a responses tab. This is where all the responses are stored.

You can choose where files and signatures uploaded by your users are saved by creating a folder for them. All completed responses are saved in your Google account so only you and authorized colleagues have access to them.

Kulfi Forms is a special Google spreadsheet addon that allows you to create surveys, questionnaires, research findings, etc., without any prior knowledge of HTML coding. These survey forms or questionnaires, among others, can then be sent to your users to fill. It is easy to use and works with any mobile device and PC.

One amazing aspect of Kulfi Forms is that they are absolutely free to use. You don't have to pay a dime to get access to our form templates. It will cost you nothing. All you need to do is install the addon and start creating your forms.

If you upgrade to premium, you can allow users to upload files, accept eSignatures, Generate PDF & Email, upon each form submission.

The Web app is hosted on Google Server, and works using your Google Account, and DOES NOT NEED any domain or hosting. However, you can embed it in an iframe on any website.

Yes! You can customize to show certain questions based on answers of another question. For example, you can customize the form to show "Question B" only if the answer to "Question A" is "Answer A"

Absolutely! This video shows how:

We have tons of videos and blogs, illustrating every query you might have.

However, if you are unable to find it, the quickest way is to send us an email at if you have a query, that can not be resolved on your own. Our representatives will reply asap.

Your form responses cannot be directly accessed by Kulfi Forms. It can only be accessed by the owner of the account and or any collaborators assigned to the responses spreadsheet.

Every form ever created  can be assessed publicly if shared via a link, in which case a person submits the form as long as it is still active.

New form templates are added every day to the addon. However, you can be rest assured that you will find at least one form template just for what you may need it for. There are hundreds of form templates on Kulfi Forms and a likelihood that you will find one that suits just the niche you intend to form.

Just in case, if you need help in creating a form, please send the questions you want to ask in the form, to, and we will create one for you. (Limited Time Offer)

An unequivocal Yes! Our online form builder is mobile-friendly and responsive. This implies that your form participants can fill out your forms from any device, at any time.

Our form creator is available on and compatible with every mobile device and PC. 

We can customize this Web Form, the way you want. Kindly contact us at with detail requirements, and we can send you a quote.

The app was programmed using a combination of HTML, CSS, JS, and Google Apps Script. It works using your google account, and is bound by Standard Google Services Quotas:

Other Forms do not provide as much customization as this app does. - You can change background color, show the form in 2 columns, add custom header and sub-heading, etc. - The dropdown on this app, starts to filter options, as you start typing, narrowing your choices, making it easier for users.

Unlike Google Forms, Kulfi forms, can display:

▶"Searchable Dropdowns"

▶allow File Uploads, without having the user to sign in to Google Account

▶accept eSignatures

▶embed Maps, videos, or any RICH HTML

▶Send Email responses

▶Generate PDF/Word Document and attach them to email responses or store on Google Drive.

What Others Say About Kulfi Forms?

Google MarketPlace 5 star Ratings
Rasel Hossen

Helpful addon,It helps me to manage my daily task at free of cost.

Rasel Hossen



It really works so nice. It helps me to create forms without any hassle. Love it.



olalekan afolabi

Made creating my first google Sheet form easy even without knowledge of coding.

Olalekan Afolabi


Arafat Sunny

This app overall is amazing! this interface is really easy to use and is very user friendly. this a great app for all to create amazing form in google sheet.

Arafat Sunny


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